1. Organ Vespers. This is the main activity and 2015 is their 18th year. The 30 Organ Vespers are scheduled on the most significant organs of the area and cover the entire year.
For further information, see the page VESPRI D’ORGANO 2015

2. Masterclasses and visits to the organs. Since 2005 the Academy uses instruments that previously either did not exist or were not playable. In the Ignatius of Loyola church and in the adjacent church house, Academy’s seat, the following intruments are available in the: the Hermans organ (1664, one manual with 15 stops and a pedalboard with one stop), a Ghilardi organ (2007, two manuals with 13 stops and a pedalboard with five stops) on two twin balconies, a Tamburini organ (1973, two manuals with eight stops and a pedalboard with two stops), a Ghilardi & Lorenzini organ (1989, two manuals and pedalboard, 3 stops), a historic spinette (Giovanni Ferrini 1731 with 8’+4’), three modern Colzani harpsichords (one inspired to an 18th century Italian with 8’+8’+lute, a copy of a two manual 1750 Dulcken with 8’+8’+4+lute,  and a muselar copy of a Ruckers 1620 with an 8’), a Barucchieri harpsichord (8’+8’) and a Klop clavichord. In the nearby church of St. Michele in Cioncio there are a Pinchi (1983, two manuals with three stops and a pulldown pedalboard). To be added the two organs of the Cathedral, that is a Tronci 1793 and a large Costamagna (1969, 45 stops),an Agati-Tronci organ 1891 in the church of the Visitation Nunnery and a Ghilardi 2008, with all the inside pipes coming from a destroyed 1840 Tronci organ. Altogether, a rare opportunity of intensive practice offered to the participant in the courses.
Besides its own master classes, the Academy cooperates with other musical institutions. In 2014 its partners will be the Conservatories of Pesaro and Trieste, the Diocesan School of Music of Lucca  and the Academy of Italian Organ Music of Mino Shirakawa, Japan.
For further information, see the page ATTIVITÀ 2015.

3. Organ music published on line. It is possible for everyone to download the toccatas of Merulo and Rossi, the opera omnia of Giuseppe and Luigi Gherardeschi, pieces of several Tuscan composers (Baldi, Casini, Ciullini, Gherardo Gherardeschi, Oradini, Panerai, Pasquini, Ugolini etc) and of other composers at particularly favorable conditions.

4. Articles on line about organs and organ music. Books and magazines on this subject are generally not widely read today, while it is much easier to reach an international audience via internet. Some articles are already available in Italian and in English and others will follow.